Student Registration

Kindergarten Registration - we have created a fillable PDF of the Kindergarten Registration Packet by visiting this page. You can fill it out electronically and email it to district registrar, Jane Csaszar ( You can also scan any required documents (birth certificates, proof of residence, etc.) and email those, too. Paperwork can still be submitted by mailing to District Office, 321 List Ave., Rochester, NY 14617.

Do you need internet access? Irondequoit Public Library is offering free rental of WiFi mobile hotspots to Irondequoit residents in support of K-12 learning needs.  You can reserve a mobile hotspot by calling or texting (585) 210-2390, or emailing with your name, Irondequoit address, and phone number.  A staff member will reply within 48 hours with more information.

Jane Csaszar, District Registrar
Phone: 585-336-6743  Fax: 585-266-1556


Forms and information needed to complete your child's registration
are provided below 

To register:

1. Complete one registration packet and one health packet for each student you are registering (see links below.) 
2. Gather the following forms:
  • Birth Certificate (for some circumstances a Baptismal record or passport will be accepted)
  • Most recent Immunization Record and Health Appraisal Form from last physical
  • Proof of Residency (see requirements below)**
  • Custody documents (if applicable)
 3. Call the District Registrar, Jane Csaszar at 585-336-6743 to schedule a registration appointment.

**Proof of Residency Requirements
(ALL documents must show a parent's name and local address)


ONE of the following:

  • Mortgage deed
  • Mortgage statement
  • Current Town of Irondequoit tax bill or West Irondequoit school tax bill
  • Homeowner's insurance policy
  • Current signed lease with occupant's names
  • Signed lease and notarized landlord's letter with names of all residents listed
*If you do not own a home or have a lease in your name, an additional document (Shared Housing Affidavit) must be obtained from the Registrar who will explain what is required.

TWO of the following items, showing parent names and address:
  • Utility bills (e.g., RG&E, Spectrum, Frontier, water, refuse removal)
  • Bank statement
  • Payroll stub
  • Valid NYS driver's license with West Irondequoit address printed on front

Other Situations:

Attending Private/Parochial or Charter School - If your child(ren) will be attending a private/parochial or charter school you are required to register with the district in order for the school to receive textbook, health and transportation services provided by West Irondequoit. Transportation will not be provided until your child is registered.

Custodial Issues - Children must attend school in the district where the parent with primary custody or educational custody resides. If there are no court documents outlining this agreement the district will need to be contacted and the appropriate affidavit completed and notarized prior to your registration appointment.

Custody changes - When a parent/guardian moves out of the family home (whether within or out of West Irondequoit) the district requires that documents be provided that indicate which parent/guardian now has physical or primary custody for educational purposes. If there are no formal documents this may be done through notarized affidavits available from the District Registrar.

Moves within West Irondequoit - All moves within the West Irondequoit CSD must be reported to the District Registrar and include the required documents as outlined in the residency requirements listed above.

Pages Documents

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Registration packet (Grades 1 - 12)

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