New traffic pattern at Dake Junior High

One-way parking lot traffic, dedicated drop-off spot are among changes at Dake
Posted on 09/05/2018

As part of the ongoing effort to make our schools safer, the West Irondequoit Central School District has reconfigured the traffic pattern in front of Dake Junior High School. With the start of school Thursday, parents, students and others coming to Dake should be aware of the new traffic flow.

The changes include:

  • Only one-way traffic in the parking lot “loop”
  • A dedicated drop-off spot
  • Two new speed bumps

“Traffic there is extremely busy in the morning and we wanted to make it safer,” said John Conti, WICSD’s Executive Director of Operations. "We also seed a need to slow down traffic so that pedestrians can safely cross."

Input from administrators, security personnel and architects with which the school works was used for the redesign. The one-way traffic flow also means anyone who exits on the passenger side of vehicles won’t have to walk in front of traffic. They will step right onto the sidewalk at Dake.

“It has been an ongoing challenge but everyone agreed that eliminating two-way traffic would make it safer and a dedicated drop-off zone certainly does that, too,” Conti said.