Board of Ed. honors Teaching Assistants

Board of Education honors Teaching Assistants
Posted on 05/07/2021

The West Irondequoit CSD Board of Education adopted this resolution at its meeting on Thursday, May 6
th to honor Teaching Assistants in our District for the incredible work they have performed over the past year.


WHEREAS, the West Irondequoit Central School District strives to provide a comprehensive educational experience that balances high expectations, diverse opportunities, intellectual growth and personal responsibility; and

WHEREAS, Teaching Assistants across the District have played a crucial role in allowing for a safe reopening of our schools given the COVID-19 restrictions this year; and

WHEREAS, our Teaching Assistants have remained highly flexible and responsive to provide exceptional supervision and instructional support given the circumstances while working together to overcome ongoing pandemic-related challenges; and

WHEREAS, our Teaching Assistants remained highly collaborative and supportive to build strong and supportive relationships with all students to ensure their social, emotional, mental, and academic needs were appropriately met; and

WHEREAS, our Teaching Assistants have demonstrated an exceptional and selfless will to serve others with unwavering kindness and care; and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education recognizes and greatly appreciates the dedication and resolve of our Teaching Assistants for their outstanding service to the students, staff and community of the West Irondequoit Central School District in pursuit of peak performance given the extreme challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.