May 7 Supt. letter: Budget Hearing posted

Superintendent letter: First full week back, COVID-19 case update
Posted on 05/07/2021

Greetings Families:

Today marks the close of our first full in-person week for grades K-6 and the transition for grades 7-12 to synchronous remote days. This move was not easy, but thanks to a team effort, we made it. As one parent shared in an email, "[My daughter] came home from school yesterday literally squealing with joy because she was just so excited with the new things at school! She couldn't stop talking about being able to go to PE class in the gym, choosing her own seat for lunch, being on the playground for all her recess times. All these things she didn't even know were possible."

The recent shifts were challenging. Thanks to our fantastic staff, we tackled the hurdles in stride. It took significant effort, but I hope you agree that emails like that one make it all worthwhile. Ongoing proof that our classrooms teach more than the A, B, C's, and 1, 2, 3's. Students rely on our schools for trusting relationships, socialization, emotional supports and even play.

Thank you for your ongoing faith in our programs and services. Together, our school and community are doing a remarkable job for our children.


Our annual Budget Hearing was held before Thursday's Board of Education meeting and via THIS LINK, you can watch a video of Assistant Supt. for Finance, James Brennan, and I providing an overview of the proposed 2021-22 District Budget. The Budget Vote is Tuesday, May 18th at the St. Paul Blvd. Fire Department. For all Budget Vote and Board of Education election details, including A VIDEO replay of Candidates’ Night, visit our Budget Information page at THIS LINK.


Since our last communication a week ago on April 30, the Monroe County Dept. of Public Health has reported four new cases in our District: one student at Brookview, one student at Iroquois Middle School and two students at IHS. Per federal privacy laws, we can’t disclose any more details or personally identifiable information. If you have questions, call the MCDPH Hotline at 753-5555.


Aaron R. Johnson, Ed. D
Superintendent of Schools