Student Wellness Conference brings together IHS, Eastridge

First Student Wellness Conference brings together IHS, Eastridge
Posted on 01/15/2019

Irondequoit has two high schools, but it is one town. “We’re one community and people forget about that,” said Eastridge sophomore field hockey player, Ava Rios.

I-Town is OUR town. That was just one theme surrounding Saturday’s first Irondequoit Student Wellness Conference, a joint effort by the West Irondequoit and East Irondequoit districts held at IHS. More than 250 student-athletes from Irondequoit and Eastridge high schools attended. Students listened to six different speakers talk about health and wellness. Eastridge social worker Kiah Bowerman and Lindsay Snyder, West Irondequoit’s Substance Abuse Prevention Counselor/Youth Intervention Specialist, led the effort to gain support from agencies such as Drug-Free Irondequoit, Genesee Mental Health, Hope Dealers, ROCovery Fitness, Reality Check and Irondequoit Parks and Recreation.

Representatives from ROCovery Fitness, the Irondequoit Police and Fire departments and Flower City Yoga also performed activities such as relay races, exercise and yoga with the student-athletes. Students also heard from an individual whose life has been impacted by addiction or mental health concerns and also heard from local experts on wellness. They talked about ways a healthy lifestyle can help them cope.

“We’re just really emphasizing a healthy lifestyle (for teens),” said Kim Schon, the Director of Athletics for West Irondequoit. 

“The people that I’ve met today have been outstanding. We’ve had a lot of fun,” Irondequoit Police Chief Richard Tantalo said. “I’m really happy that the police department and fire department are here to support this and we looking forward to doing it again.”

Attendance was mandatory for winter athletes not competing on Saturday. Some players from IHS football, tennis, field hockey, soccer, volleyball and baseball also were there. Eastridge also had out-of-season athletes in attendance.