Advocacy Efforts

Your Board of Education, Superintendent and administrative staff continue to advocate for equitable funding for education and for reforms that provide support for students and staff that all children might reach their highest potential.


Recent activities include:

County Democrats have asked Governor Cuomo to release state aid figures to schools.
                                         Read the resolution.  

Read the letter from area Superintendents to Governor Cuomo

Our Superintendents address the Gap Elimination Adjustment, Annual Professional Performance Review and assessments. They remind the Governor of the success of schools in Monroe County where the average graduation rate (including RCSD) is 89.7% compared to a national rate of 81%.



Legislative Breakfast - Letter to Governor's Representative

On Saturday, February 7, 2015 Superintendent Crane and members of the Board of Education attended the annual Legislative Breakfast sponsored by the Monroe County School Boards Association. This event provides an opportunity to dialogue with local legislators regarding current education initiatives and budget plans.

Board members were able to have an encouraging conversation with Assemblyman Joseph Morelle. In addition, Board President Chuck Perreaud and Superintendent Jeff Crane have scheduled an appointment with Senator Rich Funke for later this month.

Superintendent Crane's table at the breakfast was supposed to include a representative from the Governor's office, Lauren Kelly. When Ms. Kelly failed to appear, members of that group sent their thoughts in writing, which can be read in this link.




The Gap Elimination Adjustment

The Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) is money deducted from school district state aid to eliminate a gap in the NYS budget. Aid allotted for school districts is siphoned off to be used for other purposes.

West Irondequoit has lost $12,263,129 in funding over the past five years. 

If this practice were discontinued, and West Irondequoit were to receive its full share of state aid, the burden on the property tax payer would be less.

There is increasing discussion among lawmakers about using the money the state will receive from lawsuit settlements in the banking and insurance industry to eliminate the GEA. 


Gap Elimination Graph



GEA Graph

Read the letter from Seven NYS Teachers of the Year, "This is Personal."



Read the essay from the West Irondequoit Teachers' Association, "Where We Stand."