Alternative Veterans' Tax Exemption

Video of the Information Session/Presentation and the Public Hearing video is below. Underneath the video is a question and answer section.

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NOVEMBER 21, 2019
PUBLIC HEARING - 22:26 - 58:00

What is the Alternative Veterans' Tax Exemption? 

The AVTE gives school districts the option to apply the AVTE to school property taxes. It reduces the assessed value of a qualifying individual's private, primary residence before the tax rate is applied. A veteran, spouse of the veteran, or the unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran may apply for the exemption. Whenever properties are exempt, there is a cost shift to non-exempt property owners. There are currently 824 properties in West Irondequoit that already receive an AVTE from town property taxes. A veteran who qualifies for a property tax exemption from the Town of Irondequoit would also qualify for a school tax benefit, if the WICSD were to adopt the AVTE.

What would it mean for non-veterans? 
If adopted by the WICSD, the AVTE would mean a school property tax increase for non-exempt residents due to the shifted tax distribution. Based on current assessment and exemption data from the Town Assessor's office, the estimated financial impact would be: 

- $376,036 of the tax levy would shift from exempted properties to non-exempt
- Tax rate would increase by $0.26/$1,000 assessed property value to compensate
- Example: $120,000 property value would pay $31.23 more in taxes (per year).

What is a veteran?
A qualifying veteran is generally one who served during a "period of war:" World War I, WWII, Korea, Vietnam or the Persian Gulf War (1990-current). 

What are the three war veteran tax exemption categories? 
There are three base exemption categories. For veterans who served during a war, it's 15 percent up to a maximum of $12,000. For those who saw combat, it's 10 percent up to an additional $8,000 more. For those who are disabled veterans, it's a maximum 50 percent exemption and up to $40,000 more.
Will there be a public vote on the AVTE? 
No. The Board will decide if this is something it will adopt. It can do so for any year and it also can repeal it at any time.