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WICSD English Language Arts Scores  

On November 10, 2011, NYS Education Department released school accountability data based on assessments written in the spring of 2011. The data is evaluated from a variety of perspectives.


First, we would like to reassure our community that the West Irondequoit CSD is a district "In Good Standing." As a whole our students attained marks above the score needed for proficiency in both English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics at every grade level. Our students also earned higher mean scores than the Monroe County mean at every grade level. See data for math and ELA.


Why then has Dake Junior High School been named a School in Need of Improvement (SINI)? As mentioned above, assessment data is analyzed in a variety of ways. After reviewing the mean score for an entire grade of students, the scores are broken into sub groups: ethnicity, gender, students with disabilities, limited English proficient, economically disadvantaged and migrant. Each sub group is evaluated to see if that group of students meets the benchmark needed for proficiency. One sub group of students at Dake Junior High School did not achieve the benchmark necessary to be rated proficient in ELA for the second year in a row. When any sub group does not reach proficiency (or make "adequate yearly progress") the entire school is placed on the Schools in Need of Improvement list.   


It is interesting to note that the mean scaled score for Dake Junior High School grade 8 ELA assessments ranked second in Monroe County only behind Pittsford Central School District. On the seventh grade assessment, again using mean scaled scores, West Irondequoit tied for fifth among the 18 districts in Monroe County. ELA 7 and 8 are the same assessments on which a sub group of students did not reach proficiency, causing the SINI designation.  See data.


The benchmarks for proficiency are raised each year so that by 2014 all students will be expected to earn a proficient score (3 or 4) on the state tests. The goal of 100% of students reaching standard was established when No Child Left Behind was first enacted in 2001 and has not been reviewed since that time. As the benchmarks become more challenging to reach, more schools join the list of Schools in Need of Improvement. In 2010, 102 new schools were added to the list for a statewide total of 536 schools. This year, 847 schools were added to the list, bringing the new total to 1325 schools on the Schools in Need of Improvement list. 


West Irondequoit CSD is committed to supporting every child on their path to academic achievement. Dake faculty and district administrators are collaborating to strengthen practices and programs for all students. We encourage you to explore the data on this Web site and on the NYS Education Department site. Please contact your child's principal with any questions or concerns.  







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