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The mission of HNC is to utilize the natural world as a classroom in order to provide practical, integrated learning opportunities, foster environmental awareness, and promote the concept of global stewardship for life-long learners.

In the coming months, HNC, along with our supporters will be working towards establishing a
501(c)(3) friends group to partner with the West Irondequoit Central School District in order to promote long term sustainability and aid in the additional funding of nature center programming via grants, fundraising events, community donations and town-wide collaboration.

Many of you have inquired about our animal ambassadors. As for right now, we are using remaining funds from the previous year to provide care for our animal ambassadors. So, rest assured our feathered, furry or scaly friends are being well cared for!

Finally, we are continuing our work skills program with Rochester General Hospital.
These wonderful folks help provide necessary upkeep on trails and general maintenance
to our spaces and classrooms.

Thank you!



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